Lµbris BioPharma is a biopharmaceutical company developing recombinant human lubricin for the treatment of dry eye, osteoarthritis and other age & inflammation-related conditions.

Lubricin functions like biologic Teflon® – it is naturally produced throughout the human body protecting tissues and other surfaces from friction-related damage and wear.

Supplementation with recombinant human lubricin is an innovative and exciting new approach to disease management.


Dr. Greg Jay publishes lubricin review article in the Journal Matrix Biology.
October, 2014
Read: The biology of Lubricin: Near frictionless joint motion  

Radio Canada Interview with Dr. Tannin Schmidt re: lubricin in the eye
May 05, 2013
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New Discoveries Hold Promise for a Range of Women’s Health Issues.
Mass Eye & Ear Institute
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