About Lubricin


lubricin strand

LUBRICIN : The Nonstick Molecule

Lubricin(PRG4) is a large endogenous complex glycoprotein that binds to, and protects tissue surfaces from friction induced wear & damage in much the same way that Teflon® coats and protects the surface of the non-stick pans in your kitchen – it is the most lubricating and anti-ahesive molecule in the human body.

Originally identified as a lubricating component of synovial fluid,  lubricin is found on the surface of the knee cartilage, on the ocular surface and in numerous additional tissues throughout the human body – it is everywhere in the human body and is essential to proper functioning.

Inflammation caused by injury, disease and aging, impairs the body’s ability to produce lubricin. Supplementation with recombinant Lubricin interrupts the destructive inflammatory cascade by eliminating friction, arresting wear-related degradation, and restoring function to these surfaces.

Lubricin is especially beneficial in the management of dry eye and osteoarthritis.